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All-in-One Collaboration Software By Cloud Service Networks Inc.
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Product Overview


The Cloud Service Networks product lines are built upon the following included real-time collaboration applications:


Interactive Meeting


Give sales presentations, product demos, and collaborate interactively.


HD Video Conferencing


Up to 30 webcams based video conferencing with 1080p and telepresence.


Live Streaming


Stream desktop, HD video and audio to browser-based viewers across all platforms.


Remote Support


Support PC and Mac users remotely.


Remote Access


Access your office or home PCs from anywhere, anytime.




Provide online seminars without the need for view-only attendees to download anything.


Audio Conferencing


VoIP mixed with free landline (PSTN) audio conferencing services.



Secure Video and Web Conferencing


Product Overview

All-in-One Collaboration Server


  • Web Conferencing Servers


HD Video Conferencing Servers


Live Streaming Servers


Remote Access Servers


Remote Support & Access Serverss