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Web Conferencing

Fast & easy meeting and collaboration. Hold meetings, online presentations, demos, training, and more. Our Cloud Service Networks Web Conferencing product increases productivity throughout your organization. 

Invite others, cloud based meetings

Scheduling is easy. Send invitations through your Microsoft Outlook calendar or other email tools, or IM with prefilled meeting information.

Meet and collaborate

Anyone in a meeting can display his desktop or a particular application and have anyone else control his desktop.

See everyone face to face

Simply click a webcam icon to meet and collaborate face to face. Your R-HUB server can support up to 11 webcams for each individual meeting session.

Talk using computers or phones

You can talk to others while you meet by simply using your computer or headset microphone, or with your cell phones, smart phones or landline telephone.

Support mobile devices

Cloud Meeting supports any mobile device including iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry. In addition, the Cloud Service Networks iOS and Android apps allow you to control remote computers.

Record and publish video

You can record everything in a meeting including desktop updates, audio from phones and/or computers, and webcam video. 

High Definition Video

Support up to 30 HD webcam

Supports up to 30 HD webcams
Four different display formats
Switch back and forth between desktop sharing and HD video conferencing
Supports up to 8 monitors for telepresense display
Switch the spotlight webcam
HD video on iOS and Android device

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