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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Download our free application for Windows, MAC OS, Android or Apple. 



Download UCaaS Application

Now available in the Google Chrome store as a Chrome extension

UCaaS can be installed on Mac and Windows desktops, Android and iOS. Download the file here:



 Cloud Service Networks clients get a FREE

UCaaS application to use on any device.


 True Unified Communications

 UCaaS allows you to choose the type of call you want to make with a single tap. You can choose VoIP Call, Video Call, GSM Call or Callback.
The Callback option is especially useful if you want to make a call through the PBX but don't have a strong data signal. 


Zero Touch Configurations




To use UCaaS simply log-in with the credentials from your VoIP User Web Portal.That's all there is to it.

All the features that you are accustomed to will be pre-configured and easy for you.


Full Mobile Compatibility



Using UCaaS to receive calls is just like using your mobile phone.

Incoming voice and video calls will appear on your device lock screen just like a cellular call.


Video Calling




The video calling option allows users to make a video call to any PBX contact that also has video capabilities.


Real Time Presence




The UCaaS  presense panel shows you the status of the other PBX users - Available, Busy or Offline - in real time. 


Easy to Use Interface




UCaaS allows users to interact with the PBX through an intuitive and familiar interface.
The keypad screen offers easy access to make a call.
Check voicemail, view phone contacts, send and receive SMS messages.
View call history and view advance PBX features. 
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Mobile application available at the Apple Store or Android Market

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Turn your smartphone into a full featured business phone system extension! Make high quality phone calls. It works over 4G LTE WIFI so you don't have to worry about quality.