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The Device-as-a-Service Program

Cloud Service Networks Device-as-a-Service is an exciting new program that allows us to offer Polycom phones on a month-to-month basis with no long term contract and a 3 or 5 year replacement plan. As our customer you benefit from not making a large initial investment. Additionally, as your phone system provider we strive to support and maintain your systems and you get access to outstanding Polycom phones and critical telephony services needed to make your business a success for one monthly payment!

Key Program Elements

  • Devices provided on a month-to-month basis, we add it as a service on your bill
  • Technology replacement program including a 3 or 5 year replacement plan
  • Cancel and return phones at any time
  • Includes all shipping and provisioning costs in monthly payment


Available Devices

ALL VVX models: VVX 101, VVX 201, VVX 300, VVX 301, VVX 310, VVX 400, VVX 401, VVX 410, VVX 500, VVX 501, VVX 600, VVX 601

IP5000, IP6000, and IP7000

RealPresence Trio

Program Benefits

  • A simple and flexible model – pay monthly for a fixed amount that includes a replacement plan
  • A one-stop shop facility for all your hosted cloud service needs
  • Access to the best Polycom phones that are the highest quality, easiest to use and the best-selling phones in the industry


Free Install on Long Island

Sign up for the Device-as-a-Service Program

Complete the following form and we will contact you to review your needs. There is no obligation. Take advantage of our extensive free consulting services.

  • Get Polycom phones, and pay for them like a service on your phone bill
  • Free site visits from a VoIP engineer, with over a decade of experience to manage your project
  • Learn about Voice over IP and web based technologies available
  • The leader in VoIP communications locally available to manage your network

What is a Cloud Based Business Phone System?

A cloud phone system is a phone system which is at our data centers, rather then at the client's location. Using the power of the internet we connect your phones to our network and carriers. Rather then own your own equipment you will be part of a national global network.

Why a Cloud Based Business Phone System?

Before the cloud customers had to pay thousands for upfront hardware, expensive programming, long contracts and termination fees. Frequent onsite visits for basic add, moves, and changes. 

Serving Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, Virginia, and the Mid Atlantic




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