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Cloud Service Networks Inc.

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The Voice Over IP Company now serving the Carolina and Southern States
expanding our reach as a Mid Atlantic carrier to covering
the complete Eastern Coast of the United States of America

Desktop phones, wireless/cordless, smartphone applications, browser-based, and more...


Polycom VVX Business Media Phones

The world's leading IP telephone manufacturer. 

Desktop Phones

Polycom VVX D60 Wireless Handset 

Business grade cordless phone, long range, indoor/outdoor solution

Wireless Handsets

Mobile Application

Mobile & Desktop, UCaaS App, a VoIP tool for Android, Apple, Windows, and MAC OS

Mobile & Desktop App


Get your phone calls anywhere, anytime, on any device.


unified-communications-diagram1 Unified Communications as-a Service

No technical configuration, just add your user web portal username and password.

True Unified Communications



UCaaS allows you to choose the type of call you want to make with a single tap. You can choose VoIP Call, Video Call, GSM Call or Callback. The Callback option is especially useful if you want to make a call through the PBX but don't have a strong data signal.  

Zero Touch Configurations



To use UCaaS simply log-in with the credentials from your VoIP User Web Portal.That's all there is to it. All the features that you are accustomed to will be pre-configured and easy for you.
Get the new Chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store Chrome VoIP App Extension

Infinity-Loop2x.png Top 10 VoIP Phone System Features

These are some of the best features & benefits of VoIP

 #1 Business Phones Everywhere...easily
IP Phones anyplace there is an internet connection is one of the most powerful features due to the simplicity and capabilities it delivers.
#2 Automatic Call Recording 
Call recording makes the top 10 list due to the complexity, cost, and maintenance. Traditional phone systems offered call recording with advance integrations that were expensive and need maintenance often. Today, we simple toggle the feature on and off to deliver the service.
 #3 Voicemail & Unified Communications
Voicemail and the evolution to voicemail-to-email, voicemail transcription, now instant messaging, audio/video conferencing and more.
#4 Virtual Receptionist & Auto Attendants
Virtual Receptionists are an Auto Attendant in the cloud. Offered as a virtual assistant since we can deliver this service alone, giving you the full power of the VoIP business phone system without desktop phones and the receptionist routes calls to an outside line, ring groups, voicemail, call queues, all routed to cell phones, desktop phones, mobile apps or any device on the VoIP network.
#5 Find Me/Follow Me
This feature allows your business extension to manage your calls. User extensions have answering rules which allow you to route calls to ring phone numbers, extensions, mobile apps, or any device on the network.
#6 Overhead Paging
The VoIP V2 Paging Amplifier supports two SIP extensions. One extension can be assigned to a page group for auto answer paging. The second extension can be assigned to a “First-to-Answer” ring group with IP phones. An audio ring file is activated when the second SIP extension of the ceiling speaker is dialed. If any of the IP phones in the ring group is answered (or if the caller hangs up), the Paging Amplifier stops ringing.
#7 Mobile Applications
Free mobile applications for all devices and operating systems. Use your business extension anyplace there is an internet connection, on any device.
#8 Unified Communications as-a Service
Our VoIP phone system powered with a collection of voice, video, instant messaging, email integration, and evolving daily as new internet and telecommunications technologies are introduced. 
#9 Listen, Whisper, & Barge
Listen, Whisper, Barge allows call center supervisors or managers the ability to monitor and manage agents, call flow, on-peak/off-peak business hours, recording, reporting, remote agents, and more.
#10 User Web Portal
The User Web Portal allows users and managers to have different levels of access. Users can control their extensions while managers and admin level can program the complete phone system anywhere there is an internet connection, on any device.

All-Inclusive VoIP Features

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