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Voice over IP Phone System Feature



Find Me/Follow Me

Using our web portal under Answering Rules we provide the ability for users to manage the way calls reach them from an easy-to-use browser interface.
Program to ring multiple devices, extensions, cell phones, etc. The phone system will continue to call you based on programming.

Feature Explanation

The Find Me/Follow Me feature is a VoIP Phone System feature which allows a user to program their extension to ring many different locations.
This is a great feature for those trying to be "always available", service technicians, sales people and/or anyone who wants to make use of the feature. 

Feature Details

This feature is programmed in Answering Rules and can use multiple call paths (phone lines) to make the calls needed to reach the user.
Users can program this feature in the Cloud User Portal (CUP).

Feature Example

A sales person has an office in NYC, Long Island, and at home has another VoIP phone.
This user simply programs to ring all his extensions and his mobile application before going to the system voicemail. 
Note: When programming this feature with your cell phone you must know how many rings your cell phone takes before going to voicemail.
This will help when setting up the timing of the calls forwarded to your cell phone. 
 Get Support 

We offer a free phone system web portal for 30 days. And access to our 24/7/365 day professional technical support. You wont speak to clueless agents, ever.


Learn More

You can also contact us for a free webinar to review the portal. Or scheule us for an onsite evaluation prior to installation of Voice over IP Services. Highly Recommended.

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