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Instant Fax Portal

The Cloud Service Networks Instant Fax Portal service gives PBX Users the option to view received faxes, and send outbound faxes directly from the PBX portal


Receiving Faxes

Inbound faxes will appear in the Fax Inbox and will be emailed to the email address of the PBX User. 


Note: Email Notification of the User must be enabled to get a copy of the fax on their Email. 

To Enable: Go to Users > Voicemail > Unified Messaging > Email Notification


Sending Faxes



Step by Step Instructions to Send a Fax 


1. Click the Browse button and choose a file to be faxed.  The System only accepts the following files formats for faxing

  1. PDF
  2. PNG
  3. JPEG
  4. Microsoft Word Document (.doc)
  5. Microsoft Excel Document (.xls, .xlsx)
  6. HTML


 2. Select the Caller ID number that you wish to appear on the outbound fax.

3.  Enter the phone number of the fax recipient in the Phone Number field.

The number entered should be 11 digits for a U.S. number, or 011+destination for an International number.



Fax Notifications


Once a fax is uploaded to the fax server for delivery,

it will be placed into an outgoing job queue for delivery.

The fax server will continue trying to deliver the fax for 30 minutes. I

f the fax can not be delivered within 30 minutes, the job will be aborted.

Common reasons for non-delivery of faxes include busy numbers

and human's answering the destination fax line.

Users will receive a notification stating the status of the fax.


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