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Simply control your phone system with our

Cloud User Portal (CUP)


Voice over IP Phone System Feature

User Web Portal


To log in to the Cloud User Portal (CUP)
  • 1. Launch a web browser.
The login page appears:


Contact support@cloudservicenetworks.com if you need your username, use password reset to reset your password. 

4. At the Login page, enter the loginname/ext@cloudpbx 
where cloudpbx is your business name or abbreviated business name.
It can also be the same as your email address domain. Then enter your password.
For security, each typed password character is masked by a dot ( ● ).

5. Click Log In.

6. At the top-right of the page, click the Manage Organization link.



If the Manage Organization link does not appear, you do not have Office Manager permissions.


Understanding the

Cloud User Portal Interface


 The top of the admin portal interface contains a menu bar with icons for navigating through the portal.

When you click an icon, the page associated with the icon appears in the dashboard.

Some pages have tabs for accessing configuration settings.

 Admin Menu Icons


Shows active call information such as graphs and statistics.


Shows users configured in the system, and allows you to add, edit, and import users.


Shows conferences configured in the system, and allows you to edit, delete, join a conference, and view conference statistics.


Shows auto attendant s configured in the system, and allows you to add, edit, and delete auto attendants.


Shows call queue s configured in the system, and allows you to add, edit, and delete call queues, add Music On Hold files to call queues, and configure agents associated with call queues.


Shows all time frames configured in the system, and allows you to add, edit, and delete time frames and view time frame start and end times.


Shows all files that are part of the Music On Hold feature, and allows you to add, edit, and delete Music on Hold files, change the order in which files are played, and randomize the playing of the files.


Allows you to manage the phone numbers and phone hardware in the system.


Allows you to review, filter, and export call logs for greater analysis.


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