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Voice over IP Phone System Feature

Auto Attendant


& Virtual Attendants

Auto Attendants

 Auto Attendants are typically used when incoming calls are answered by the phone system, a script is played for the caller to listen too.This this is typically a menu option such as giving the caller the ability to automatically be transferred to the appropriate person, group, call queue, the options are vast. 


Types of Auto Attendants

Auto attendants are scripts played to the caller which typically allows some options the caller can use DTMF to choose which option they want to select. 

Auto Attendant Examples

Here are some examples of Auto Attendant scripts that can be customize for your preference.

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Auto Attendant Examples

Main Menu Greetings

Standard Service & Support 
1. Hello, and thank you for calling "[Company Name], we are The Voice over IP Company and Cloud Services Provider."
If you know your party's extension, you may dial it at any time. Otherwise, you may choose from one of the following options:
For Customer Service, Press '1'. 
For Technical Support, Press '2'.
For our address and business hours, Press '3'.
For accounting, Press '4'.
For Purchasing, Press '5'.
To find a location near you, Press '6'.
Otherwise, press '0' for the receptionist or stay on the line and somebody will assist you shortly.
Client Incoming Call Inquiry
2. Hello, and thank you for calling [Company Name]. If you know your party’s extension, please dial it at any time. 
To reach our company directory, press 1.
For more information about [Company Name], press 2.
If you are an existing customer, please press 3.
For billing questions, press 4.
To repeat menu options, press 9.
For all other inquiries or to reach an operator, press 0.
Virtual Receptionist
A Virtual Recptionist is very similar to the auto attendant.
Typically the auto attendant is a feature of add on to the telephone system.
Therefore it was rare to find a business who was using the auto attendant without telephones.
This became a common offer of the Voice over IP telephone company.
Since the system is, "in the cloud" and any VoIP extension or even cell phone number calls can be routed. 
Virtual Assistant
Amazon Alexa Integration
Make requests to your Amazon echo, and your assistant will help you complete tasks.
Ask Alexa to call one of your contacts, even add an event to your calendar. 
Cloud-Service Networks-Amazon-Alexa-Integration.png
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