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                   Clouds for Kids

Learn VoIP and Internet Technologies

Cloud 4 Kids Where kids learn to create online

Clouds for Kids!


Where kids learn internet and telecommunications technologies for FREE!

Cloud Service Networks is launching a program to teach children internet and telecommunications technologies. We will seek different venues, technologies. and create an online learning center. This will be 100% free and our way of giving back to the community through education.



Current Projects

Slime is a kids favorite right now, the access to videos to learn are driving children to vbe creatve and seek education through the internet.
My daughter likes to create slime, and make videos of how to make it, to teach others. What a wonderful idea :) Click above to see the website we are creating!
2. TBD
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This is being created for my beautiful daughter who inpires me everyday.
She is smart, loving, caring and compassionate, and creative!
These are characterstics which allow us to forgive and focus on what is most important, family and education.