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Polycom Trade-in Program


Experience the latest technology from Polycom

Replace your old desk phones and take advantage of our trade-in rebates. Get up to $200 off per phone, get rid of your old phones! 


 We double the Polycom Rebate!


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FREE VoIP Phones to connect to our cloud based business communications system.
Professional Voice over IP Installations, US Based Technical support 24/7/365



Polycom VVX D60 Wireless Handset

  • Polycom D60 Wireless VoIP Handset for the VVX Media Phones. A wireless VoIP handset to pair with your Polycom desktop phone. The best VoIP cordless handset in the market, from the world's leader of IP telephones. 



Polycom VVX Business Phones

The Polycom family of VVX series business media phones offer high-quality audio and video communications experience for busy professionals.  Get FREE phones with this special offer from Polycom and Cloud Service Networks. Receive up to $200.00 off for your used phones. 


Cloud Service Networks

Cloud Service Networks Inc. is a Voice over IP service provider of voice and video services delivered over the internet. Our origin began as pioneers in the Voice over IP business since 2005, due to our background in business phone systems and internet technologies. As The Voice over IP Company we established our presence in delivering premium voice services over the internet for over a decade.

Rebates up to $200 per phone!


 Simply trade in your Avaya, Nortel, AT&T, NEC, Panasonic, Xblue, Allworx, ESI, Vodavi, Toshiba, or any business desktop phone you have available. 

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