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High Definition Video Conferencing

Bring your online meetings to life with 1080p HD telepresence.

Fastest Speed, Shortest Delay, Best Image 

This video shows the Cloud Service Networks web conferencing experience with domestic attendees. The presenter and viewer are both in US West, and the server is in the US East. The demo video data has traveled cross the US twice from West (presenter) to East (server) and then from East (server) to West (viewer) over the Internet.

HD Video Conferencing
System allows 30 webcams to join a video conference.
Web Conferencing
Fast and east meetings online. Meet, present, demonstrate, train, and collaborate in a virtual space.
No download of any kind, a webinar attendee only needs to view the presenter's screen together with a VoIP phone call. 

Support up to 30 webcams




The system allows 30 webcams to join a video conference.



There are flexible layouts. The following shows two sample layouts, each with 3 monitors.




Full-screen HD webcam video


You can use your HD webcam to present video in the size as big as your HD monitors.

Support different display formats and resizing

You can switch between different display formats in a conference session and resize the display to any size you prefer.


Support telepresence


Support multi-monitors (up to 8) displaying desktop sharing and HD video. The stewardess on the right is displaying a telepresence presentation in a conferencing room.


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Cloud Meeting makes HD video conferencing easy and powerful. 

An HD video conferencing server includes all functions in a web conferencing server. 



  • Free mobile apps
  • PC and MAC compatible
  • Up to 3000 attendees
  • Universal Attendance
  • Firewall & proxy friendly
  • Schedule in advance
  • Outlook integration
  • Detailed reporting
  • Lock meeting session
  • Hide attendee lists
  • Remote printing
  • Polling
  • File transfer to one or all attendees
  • Group and private chat
  • Push URL and Q&A
  • Panelists for large meetings
  • Raise hands
  • Auto-reconnection
  • Support 9 languages
  • One-click recording of desktop, audio and video
  • Built-in player
  • Publish in AVI, Flash and WMV
  • Allow or disallow attendees to record


Desktop Sharing


  • Desktop sharing
  • Specific application sharing
  • Stop or pause sharing
  • Privacy protection
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Change presenter
  • Give control of mouse and keyboard
  • White board
  • True color for lossless image quality
  • On-screen drawing tools
  • Stream desktop video to attendees


High Definition Video


  • Support up to 30 HD webcams
  • Support up to 8 monitors for telepresence display
  • Four different display formats
  • Switch back and forth  between desktop sharing and HD video conferencing
  • HD video on iOS and Android devices
  • Switch the spotlight webcam

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