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Free VoIP Installations 

Spring/Summer 2018



Free Cloud Based VoIP Phone System Installations

Long Island, New York

Lets review your requirements
User Web Portal
Our User Web Portal is a powerful way to control your entire phone system, and it’s as easy to use as email. All the settings are clearly marked and explained, putting the controls in your hands. Get a free 30 day User Web Portal here.
FREE Installations
Local engineers and technicians from your local telecommunications provider will configure, install, and train your staff. Our 24/7 Technical Support Center is always available. Local technicians always on call. 
Same Day Service
We are local and available to service your phone system. Let local experts help manage your communications systems. We are here to service and support businesses in Long Island, NY. For technical support, click here.
Local Promotion
Free Onsite System Review

Business Phone System Experts at your site for FREE! Sign up today, see you tomorrow. 

  • Over 20 years experience installing phone systems on Long Island!
  • Professional ONSITE Installation, Configuration and Training 
  • FREE VoIP Router for Quality of Service and 24/7 Monitoring
  • Polycom Trade In Program
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