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The Webinar Server No download required

Cloud Based Webinars

A webinar attendee only needs to view the presenter's screen together with a telephone call for audio. TurboMeeting with its patented technology takes advantage of this simple requirement and provides a fast way to join a webinar. It requires no download of any kind and takes only 5 seconds to join a webinar.


No Download of Any Kind

When you have a Cloud Service Networks server, your attendees are virtually guaranteed problem-free access when joining your webinars. As long as an attendee has an Internet browser on their computers or mobile devices, he can join. This unique advantage overcomes the common critical failure when joining meetings for reasons including: 


 Lockdown computers preventing the installation of     any software

 Firewall and proxy server blockages

 Anti-virus and anti-spy software blockages

 Unsupported platforms like Mac, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.

 Wrong or missing Java Virtual Machine or Flash installation


Anyplace, Any Platform, Meet Globally

We’ve created the product that will help your
startup to look even better.

Cloud Meeting offers limited features for webinar attendees:


 View presenter's screen

Join an audio conference

Raise hands


Fit-to-window or actual-size display

Option to become an interactive attendee