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What is a Cloud Based Technology?


Cloud based technology has existed since the birth applications like electronic mail (E-mail). E-mail are messages stored on servers that get delivered to your email client. Today, even phone systems, voicemail, conferencing, call recording, statistics, etc.

What is a Cloud Based Business Phone System?

A cloud phone system is a phone system which is at our data centers, rather then at the client's location. Using the power of the internet we connect your phones to our network and carriers. Rather then own your own equipment you will be part of a national global network.

Why a Cloud Based Business Phone System?

Before the cloud customers had to pay thousands for upfront hardware, expensive programming, long contracts and termination fees. Frequent onsite visits for basic add, moves, and changes. 


Mobile application available at the Apple Store or Android Market

Turn your smartphone into a full featured business phone system extension! Make high quality phone calls. It works over 4G LTE WIFI so you don't have to worry about quality.

Trade in your Old Phones and get New Phones for FREE! POLYCOM TRADE-IN PROGRAM

Do you need desktop phones? 


We have business desktop phones for every type of user. Since there are VoIP (Voice over IP) phones they can be connected anyplace there is an internet connection. Choose the phones and features that are right for you and your business. Get more done with enterprise-grade audio and video collaboration. Call us at (516) 888-7000 or contact support if you need Polycom phones or assistance with your existing phones or VoIP system. We professionally install, maintain, support, and repair Voice over IP business phone systems.

A broad selection of easy to use, high quality phones and applications

 checkmark-crystal-clear-voice-callsCrystal Clear Conversations

checkmark-seamless-communications-voip Seamless

checkmark-adavanced-voip-features Advanced Features

checkmark-adavanced-voip-features Voice & Video Collaboration

User Web Portal

Control your complete business phone system and all our your phones, virtual extenstions, phone number routing, call records of all incoming and outgoing calls, and much more..


Work from anywhere, bring the office together virtually. Open the communications gap and get connected today!

Rebates up to $200 per phone!

Polycom Trade-In Rebate Program, super powered by Cloud Service Networks to double the promotion!



Simply trade in your Avaya, Nortel, AT&T, NEC, Panasonic, Xblue, Allworx, ESI, Vodavi, Toshiba, or any business desktop phone you have available.

Experience the latest technology from Polycom. Replace your old desk phones and take advantage of our bigger trade-in rebates. Get up to $200 off per phone, get rid of your old phones! 

Setup Free Product Demonstration Webinar

Complete the following form and we will schedule a onsite visit to demonstrate our product and review your network for Voice over IP.

  • Free Demonstration & 30 day product evaluation
  • Site visit from VoIP engineer, with over a decade of experience
  • Learn about Voice over IP and web based technologies available
  • The leader in VoIP communications locally available to manage your network

Cloud Based Contact Centers

The evolution of the call center, begin your building blocks to a contact center.

What is the difference between a Call Center & Contact Center?

Learn the difference between a call center and a contact center. Engage with your customers efficiently and effectively. We can help you evolve and stay in closer communications with your clients.

Call Center


A call center focuses on incoming and outgoing calls, agents, statitics and performance, using phone system technologies.

Contact Center


The contact center incorporates email, web-based chat, instant messaging, video, and desktop sharing and control. Learn more about our contact centers.

The Evolution of the Call Centre

Cloud Service Networks has cloud based call center software and unified communications integration throughout or platform allowing you to use basic call center features and also able to begin utilizing other web based tools to easily communicate and keep in touch with clients.

What is a Call Center or Contact Center? Learn More
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