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Voice over IP Phone System Feature


Call Recording


5 Ways to Activate Call Recording

  1. Activate Call Recording for Domain
Enables Call Recording for all calls incoming and outgoing throughout the entire VoIP business phone system.
Contact support@cloudservicenetworks.com to activate instantly. 
 2. Activate Call Recording on all calls in a queue
After creating a call queue, open the call queue and enable call recording. This is for Call Center and Contact Center. 
Activate call recording for individual Users 
Navigate to the domain, open the users profile and select Yes in the Record User's Calls dropdown.
Activate Call Recording on a User's Device
by navigating to the User's Phones Tab, clicking on the device on which you want to add Call Recording and then select Yes in the Record Calls dropdown.
Activate Call Recording on a Per Call Basis
Option #1 
While on a call, press *80 to start recording / press *81 to stop recording 
(please note the user profile does not require call recording 
to be enabled for this functionality)
Option #2
Login into your user portal and click record or stop record in the active call widget
 All call recordings will be stored in the users Call History within the User Portal and can be played back on the fly or downloaded.
Just find the call you want to playback and click Listen, see below:
Get Started 
Cloud Service Networks provides "Best Efforts" retention for call recordings.
This means that although we will strive to retain call recordings for up to 30 days,
we will not make any guarantees as to the length of time that a recorded file will be retained.  
As an option, Cloud Service Networks will archive your recorded call files to Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service.
 This will give you greater control of the retention policies associated with your phone calls.
This services requires a one time setup fee. Please contact your sales representative for pricing.
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