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Cloud Service Networks Offers Caller ID Name (CNAM)

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What is Caller ID Name (CNAM)?


Caller ID Name, also known as CNAM, is a Cloud Service Networks VoIP feature that displays your Name or Company Name on the Caller ID display of the party you are calling.  When it is set up, your Caller ID Name would display as text along with your Caller ID Number (CLID). 

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Inbound CNAM (CNAM Delivery) & Outbound CNAM (Caller ID/CNAM Storage)

Cloud Service Networks offers both inbound and outbound CNAM options with our cloud based phone system. Outbound CNAM also known as CallerID is referred to as CNAM Storage. Inbound CNAM (also referred to as CNAM Delivery) refers to database dips done on inbound calls to find the name associated with an inbound caller's phone number.



IMPORTANT:  Outbound CNAM is available in the U.S. and Canada.  The caller’s name will be included along with the call information on most outbound calls. Supported numbers are local phone numbers and not toll-free numbers.  When submitting requests for CNAM there are several database servers that need to be updated and with this, it is imperative for the receiver to update their database as well for the CNAM to show up correctly.

NOTE: Not all carriers support this feature in Canada, however, 85% coverage is expected based on the tests that Cloud Service Networks has conducted.


Inbound CNAM (CNAM Delivery)

Cloud Service Networks offers both inbound and outbound CNAM options. Outbound CNAM also known as Caller ID is referred to as CNAM Storage. Inbound CNAM (also referred to as CNAM Delivery) refers to database dips done on inbound calls to find the name associated with an inbound caller's phone number. Custom phone numbers are available, please contact support


2. How  do I set up my CNAM?

You change the Company Caller ID settings by logging in to your Cloud Service Networks online account. 

NOTE:  You need to be an account administrator to perform this action.  We also suggest to log the date and time of the CNAM request for your reference.

IMPORTANT:  Outbound CNAM is only available for local phone numbers and not toll-free numbers.


3. How long would it take for my CNAM to be activated?

CNAM should be active after 7 to 14 days. Depending on how fast the National Registry is able to update your submitted request, it may take longer before your Caller ID Name will appear along with your Caller ID Number. 

NOTE:  You should only submit valid CNAM requests.  You may not use any names of the government, companies and institutions that you are not legally involved, profanity, malicious, obscene, slander, offensive names, etc.  Any instance that violates these conditions will not show your requested CNAM and result in your requested CNAM being rejected.  Currently, we are unable to track unprocessed requests.


4. What if my CNAM still does not show up after the specified time frame?

You will need to clear out the CNAM field on your RingCentral account and wait for 48 hours before re-submitting the CNAM request.  It will take for another 24 to 48 hours to be processed.

5. What if my CNAM is still not activated after re-submitting the request?

Contact our support hotline for more assistance and provide the logs on when the request was submitted or re-submitted. Visit the Customer Support Center for further inquiries.

NOTE: After the request for CNAM is approved, Cloud Service Networks needs to wait for other carriers to update their Caller ID Name database. Other carriers will only be able to see the updated Caller ID Name after they update their database.

Example: User 1 requested to change his company's Caller ID Name from "BIG JOHN" to "BIG JOHNS PIZZA". On the 14th day, the Caller ID Name "BIG JOHNS PIZZA" was applied to User 1's  phone numbers. AT&T users are able to see "BIG JOHNS PIZZA" as his Caller ID Name, but Verizon Users are still seeing "BIG JOHN". The reason why Verizon is still seeing "BIG JOHN" as User 1's CNAM is because their Caller ID Name is outdated. The solution is for Verizon to download and apply the updated list of Caller ID Names for Verizon users to see the updated Caller ID Name for User 1's phone numbers. 

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