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How to Setup an Inbound Call Center with Custom Phone Numbers and Target Local Regions with Google Keywords and Call Activity Reports.


The purpose of this VoIP post is to demonstrate how to leverage a cloud call center & automation software applications with the proper staff in place to maximize your resources.

Setting up a call center properly and planning  can avoid delays and poor launch performance,  just like any piece of software, they need to be programmed and managed for success. Who is the call center manager? The call center manager should be proficient and understand telephony routing (custom DID's), inbound marketing,  customer service, and staff management. This is no simple task, but if setup properly, a very rewarding venture!

Great news! The business telephone systems that resided at the customer's premise was typically an expensive item for businesses, and the call center was an added expense. The total cost of ownership has been proven in studies, the cost of hosted is less, especially as you grow. Now that we have an economical way to deploy this technology, take advantage of it! 



First we recommend getting dedicated phone numbers (DID's), toll free numbers are often popular in  this space as well. This is the moment to decide who is calling these numbers, if it is a lead source, a third party sending leads then the number may not be very important. However, if these numbers are going to be advertised, we recommend that you look into Custom Vanity Numbers, like 516-NOW-VOIP. or 855-GO-CLOUD, whatever makes the most sense for your business. Now that you have phone numbers, and we are advertising these to the public, you can use these numbers to be advertised on the internet. These telephone numbers can now be allocated and dedicated to a landing page, website, blog, lead source, yellow pages ad, and even Google keywords. We use Google Adwords Keyword Planner so we can track the progress and eventually discover which campaign is performing the best and continually improve the process through analytics and call activity reports and recorded phone calls.



Step 1: Choose your business phone system, call center, and internet VoIP expert to begin the process.

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Step 2: Complete cut sheet and call flow for phone system, call center queues, agent roles, pre-program and test for performance. 



Get Custom Numbers


Step 3: Purchase new phone numbers (preferably vanity telephone numbers) or use existing numbers and assign them to a campaign.



Step 4: Create custom Google Keywords and advertise with phone numbers. 


Step 5: Track results by reviewing call center and call activity reports, Google Analytics, and review with your Internet VoIP Engineer.



If this is a system down outage with your phone system, or really need to speak to someone to help, feel free to call 516-888-7010 or email support@cloudservicenetworks.com