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Conferences Bridges for Cloud Based  VOIP Phones

Jul 20, 2017 10:24:15 PM / by Cloud Service Networks Inc.

Cloud Service Networks Inc.

Dedicated & Owned Conference Bridges

You may create Dedicated and Owned conference bridges for your business phone system.  Note that the system distinguishes between dedicated (also referred to as 'shared') conferences and user owned conferences. 

Dedicated Conference: a standalone conference with its own unique extension.

Choosing the Dedicated Conference Bridge type is best for when you want a shared conference bridge that many can use. This Conference is managed by an Office Manager scope or higher.  Choosing the Owned Conference Bridge type is best for when you want a conference bridge for an individual user. The owner can then manage the participants and settings from their user portal.                 

Owned Conference: a user owned conference that will be accessible through the user’s portal. Owned Conference type allows for basic users to monitor and add callers to their own conference bridge.

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Direct Dial:  an option for an Owned Conference Bridge and allows for dialing directly into the conference bridge, similar to dialing a user’s extension.


  • A. If type Dedicated Conference Bridge is selected and the desired extension already exists, the conference will override the “Forward Always” rule for that extension and direct it to the conference bridge.

  • B. The Direct Dial option must be set for an Owned Conference Bridge to be dialed directly like a user extension.

  • C. Owned Conference Bridge type must be chosen for the conference bridge to appear in the owner’s user portal.   

  • Configure Conferencing

Configure a Dedicated Conference Bridge

1. In the Phone System Portal go to Domain > Conferences

  • 2. Click the Add Conference button. This will load a modal box to add a conference bridge.

  • 3. Enter a name for the conference bridge.                                     

  • Under the Type heading, Dedicated conference bridge should already be select. If not, select the Dedicated conference bridge option. 


  • After selecting the Dedicated conference bridge type, the Extension field should be available to edit.

  • 4. Enter an extension. If the extension already exists, this will override the extension’s “Always” forward rule and forward to the conference bridge instead. Note: extension cannot be changed.

  • 5. Continue filling out the rest of conference details. Click the Save button.

 Reaching an Dedicated Conference Bridge

There are two ways to reach a Dedicated Conference Bridge

1. From an on-net extension, dial the extension number.

2. Point a Phone Number/Direct Dial (DID) to the Dedicated Conference Bridge.

Configure an Owned Conference Bridge

In the Phone System Portal go to Domain > Conferences

  • Click the Add Conference button. This will load a modal box to add a conference bridge.

  • Enter a name for the conference bridge.                                     

  • Under the Type heading, Owned conference bridge.  This will show the Owned and Direct Dial fields.


Enter the extension of the desired owner. Note: owner cannot be changed.

  • If desired, enter a number into the Direct Dial field. This will allow someone to dial the conference bridge like they would with an extension.

  • Continue filling out the rest of conference details.

  • Click the Save button.

 Reaching an Owned Conference Bridge

There are three ways to reach an Owned Conference Bridge:

1. From an on-net extension, dial the 'Direct Dial' extension that points to the owned bridge.  This is necessary because you can not dial the owner's extension to reach the bridge.

2. Point a DID to the owned conference bridge from the DID Inventory page.

3. Create an Auto-Attendant that will ask Users to enter a Room number, an then route the call to a User's Owned Conference Bridge.

If a Phone Number for the Conference Bridge is desired

  • 1. From the Inventory page, edit any available phone number (DID)
  • 2. Select the User's conference bridge as the target treatment.

route-DID-phone-number-to-Users- conference-bridge.png

 If an Auto-Attendant is desired

  • 1, Configure a DID to be forwarded a Routing User
  • 2. Configure an Answering Rule under the Routing User to forward calls to 02020202.
  • Cloud-Service-Networks-Tip-Dart-Board-Target.png
  • The 02020202 extension is a special system number that will connect callers to an Auto-Attendant that will prompt for the Conference Room number


Displaying the Conferences Page

All conference tasks are performed from the Conferences page. To display this page, click the Conference icon on the menu bar:


The following figure shows an example of the Conferences page. The browser-refresh-button-user-web-portal.png button at the top-right side of the page refreshes the information on the page.


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