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VoIP over Fiber 

Cloud Service Networks Inc. is now located at the Research Triangle Park (RTP), one of the most prominent high-tech research and development parks in the United States. We are now deeply embedded into the technology hub of the eastern United States and centrally located on the east coast to deliver Voice over IP and cloud services to the entire east coast of the United States.




Covering the Major Metropolitan Area




VoIP Control Panel for Business Phone System Quality Management



Latency in VoIP for Business

Bandwidth is not the only measurement of VoIP call quality. In fact the three critical network metrics are latency, jitter, and packet loss. Latency (also called, "Lag") is the time it takes for one IP telephone to send a packet to another. Latency is measured in one direction, or both directions and is quantified in terms of milliseconds (ms). MOS (Mean Opinion Score) is a the way VoIP engineers credit phone calls from 1-5 in call quality, 5 being the best voice quality. Latency is used when determining MOS scores. Our cloud based firewall reports these measurements to us in real-time. 






Business VoIP Phone Systems



cloud-service-networks-advanced-data-infrastructure-easy-moving-tipsRelocating your office and moving your business can be challenging, for you, your employees and your customers. When you relocate your phone system there will also be changes that need to be done with your telecommunications and internet providers. A full service telecommunications company and VoIP services carrier can simplify this procedure, and handle all aspects of the situation. Here is a list, from a technician's perspective, what needs to be done:



To minimize VoIP call quality issues, adopt the following steps: 


1. Proper Internet Connection 

Voice over IP requires the proper internet access, combined with the right router to ensure delivery of quality phone calls.

2. Firewall and Security Appliance


3.Separate Voice and Data Networks at the Physical Layer

4. Do NOT "tail-out" your Phone to your Computer

5. Use VoIP Carriers that "Peer" with top tier carriers

6. Redundant Internet Connections

7. Avoid Streaming Music and Video

8.Replace your handset cord or phone cord (some things never change)

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E-mail is cloud technology. Cloud is just a buzz word. Have you ever sent a tweet from your phone, or checked your email on-the-go? How about updating a Facebook status, or GPSing somewhere while driving?

If so, then you are a user of cloud-based technologies. “Cloud” is a term for accessing applications, programs, and other software through the Internet. Fancy.

Despite the recent Frontier outage, as a society we’ve grown to depend on a very fast connection on reliable networks. Our move from hardware-based businesses to mobile cloud-based has been wicked fast, and there’s no sign of that momentum stopping. In fact, Forbes’s 2015 State of the Cloud Report has revealed that 88% of organizations are using the public cloud while 63% are using a private cloud.

If you are still hardware-based, you are missing out on the many benefits cloud-based technologies can offer you! Check out some reasons to make the switch and get your head off the ground and in the cloud:



Connecting Alexa to the VoIP Phone System

The Alexa Cloud VoIP Phone System Directory Call Skill will allow a Cloud Service Networks PBX User to call saved contacts and 10-digit US phone numbers through the office phone system. A Cloud Service Networks Cloud VoIP Phone System account is required to use this skill.


  • The User will be able to make calls to any Contact that is saved in the PBX with a valid US telephone number.


  • Every Cloud VoIP Phone System User is assigned a telephone number. The PBX User's phone number will be used as the Caller ID for the call. (Assign a Phone Number to Alexa)You can view the Caller ID number that will be used for outgoing calls by browsing to your User Profile.


Sample Cloud VoIP Phone System Call Flow



Scene 1 - IT Director or Manager who gets an additional hat


John needs to purchase and install a new phone system. John then thinks about the complex switching devices connected to the phone company, the port numbers, the phone numbers, the Caller ID, the voicemail, the phone bill, the wiring and everything that makes the telephone system operate the business and service all the clients. John will be purchasing and maintaining a whole new system on his computer network.

Scene 2 - IT Director or Receptionist learns VoIP


John is an expert, therefore adding VoIP to the computer network should be simple. As the computer network is perfect, no problems, and adding this should be a breeze. John speaks to a salesperson and they explain it will be no problem to add VoIP. They explain to just combine the phone and computer into one network outlet, and the job is done. This sounds perfect!

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