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Audio Conferencing Quality & Capacity

Reliable free audio conferencing

 Poor audio performance ruins a meeting. Knowing how critical it is, we have developed and hosted the services. For each conference call, we provide two numbers from two different reliable carriers. Many free audio conferencing services make money by charging phone providers connection fees, but phone providers are now refusing to connect these calls. Cloud Service Networks pays for each call to ensure that every call gets connected. The quality of our audio service accelerates ROI. For each Cloud Meeting server, the savings on audio conferencing alone can usually pay off the investment in 12 months.

Connect telephone callers with computer HD-quality callers

Cloud Meeting allows attendees to join an audio conferencing session by phone or computer mics and speakers.It delivers excellent audio quality. Try it free to experience the quality.



Record calls with screen updates and video

The audio from both telephone callers and computer callers can be recorded together with screen updates and webcam video. You can publish the recording anywhere you want.


Lowest cost for toll-free paid audio conferencing 

In addition to free audio conferencing, Cloud Meeting offers paid audio conferencing service with low flat fees that includes toll-free numbers in several countries and dial-in numbers in 28 countries. A user can host a paid audio conferencing session with or without online meetings at any time. The combination of free and toll-free audio conferencing services makes the Cloud Meeting audio conferencing service the most flexible with the lowest cost in the market.

Rich functions: schedule, active speakers, mute/unmute, raise hands, reports

You can host scheduled or unscheduled conferences. The system displays the attendee list with the active speaker names. You can mute or unmute all or any individual attendees. Callers can raise their hands over phone. Call reports are available


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