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The Evolution of Cloud Service Networks

 We are available for support or onsite services. Our technology is cloud based, but we are here on the ground and available to visit your business. Or just give us a call or shoot us a message, we will reply within 24 hours. 

Cabling to the Cloud


Cloud Service Networks Inc,  was formed in 2006, as The Voice over IP Company. The evolution of cabling infrastructure, business phone systems, and data networking created the need for technicans that were proficient at muliple technologies. The founder of our company managed the local tri-state office of Black Box Network services, which did some of the largest cabling projects on Long Island, NY. Completing these projects brought a sense of reality that computer networking was now main stream and serious business. Also at that time, a cool toolbar was being added to browers everywhere, it was called, "Google Toolbar", a simple add on that powered browsers to search better!

Telecom & IT Management Bootcamp


Blackbox Network Services also sold business phone systems, phones were the largest breakthrough in communications in the 20th century, and every business needed telecommunications. During this time gaining certifications like Cisco Certified Networks Administrator, and going to SUNY Farmingdale in New York to attend the Cisco Networking Academy, this explains why the current management at Cloud Service Networks was chosen to connect the five Westbury, NY school districts together using Nortel routers. Making the connections between these schools was the beginning of connecting many voice and data networks together. The Town of Hempstead was also a client which had 3Com routers, which we replaced with the Cisco solution in early 2000. Around the same turn of the century 3Com bought NBX Corp., creating a strong brand recognition for the 3Com NBX business VoIP phone system. We primarily sold and installed Nortel Networks, which was formed in 1895. Nortel developed the Norstar business phone system, these systems were one of the most popular in the world! Nortel developed the Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM) and Verizon sold thousands of them, our teams did a majority of the installations for Verizon Select Services. A few of the engineers that managed these projects are still together today at Cloud Service Networks. Black Box Network Services entered the Long Island region by purchasing Koncepts Communications Inc., shortly after the president was removed, new management and accounting executives entered the office. The current Telecom Manager walked out one day, and never returned. Due to my technical background, the telecom position, office, and phone ringing off the hook, the line of techs outside my door, was my new responsibility. Therefore, I had the, “Telecommunications Survival Guide” shipped overnight, and that wasn't soon enough, for those of you in telecom and networking field, often there are an abundance of emergencies. After that Blackbox made a major shift in management, office consolidated many offices due to all the merger activity. Fortunately, at that time, Tadiran Telecom was relocating from Clearwater, F.L. to Port Washington, N.Y. Tadiran Telecom needed a telecom professional with IT experience, it was a great fit, and Tadiran was a great transition for experience working with a manufacturer with world class engineering from Israel.

C-Level Introduction

Tadiran Telecom relocated to 4 Tri Harbor Ct. Port Washington, NY 11050 and we built a technology center to showcase products, classrooms to educate, engineering lab and had an amazing facility. Holding a position of as Product Manager & VoIP Technical Trainer, we trained in our facility and traveled around the United States training our dealer base. As Product Manager, the name ICE (Integrated Communications Exchange) was born, clearly remember devising that name in my living room with a stack of Cisco routers on my coffee table. Tadiran named the product Emerald ICE, a traditional digital pbx manufactured by partners in Taiwan.  And training a national customer base on Voice over IP fine tuned my skills, teaching a subject helps gain indepth knowledge of a subject. Working with the C-Level management team, Ron Bregman, Larry Steinmetz, Paul Lynch, Tom Grinde, Gabi Ayalon, Ernie Meadows, a few from another phone system manufacturer Vodavi. This was a world class team of telecom executives positioned in a turbulent time of our industry. An attempt for mass distribution through the Sprint channel seemed like a wise choice, the internet giants were going direct and the distribution model was being shifted fast as technology becomes obsolete. The team was held together until the budget simply pushed it out of existence.

Migrating to the Cloud  


Landline Communications Inc. was established in 2003 as a Nortel Networks Authorized Partner. We sold directly and the major carriers were selling to chains which gave us huge projects with phone systems being installed all over the tri-state area and throughout the United States. We installed Nortel phone systems in the entire northeast for companies like Modell’s, Home Goods, Steve Madden, Pathmark, etc. We even trained the users at UPS World Technology Headquarters how to use all the features of their Nortel phone system. These were the days of installing call centers, call recorders, and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) to enhance the phone systems. As Nortel experts the decline of Nortel Networks in 2004 was a sign from the clouds, and going bankrupt in 2009, solidified that the investment in Hosted PBX was a wise decision. There was a client base that we supported and needed a migration path that client’s would understand. Convincing clients that they should further invest in technology that is unsupported wasn't the issue, maintaining VoIP packets on the public internet was our new daily task. The VoIP Co, LLC (The Voice over IP Company) was formed and migrated clients to a VoIP phone system, sold new clients, assisted long island business after Hurricane Sandy, we were pioneers in the Voice over IP business. This month will mark a decade we have been managing a VoIP business, and 15 years I have been a VoIP engineer, technician and trainer.


Cloud Service Networks


In 2015 we made the decision to change the name to Cloud Service Networks, The Voice over IP Company. The Internet of Things is the concept that all types of appliances, electrical, plumbing, heating, and anything imaginable can be connected. Alarm.com is the leader of automated security and fire systems, we partnered with them and currently doing R&D with these types of products. As a licensed NYS contractor to install, service and maintain security and fire systems. Due to our experience with managing voice over the internet, we launched a Axis Hosted Video Service. This hosted video product is great from small sites with 1-8 cameras, and multi-site is when the cloud cameras give the best benefits. Voice over IP is our core product, we have a proven Asterisk based network and a Netsapiens platform. Our clients can feel confident there systems are secure and safe. We have dual platforms, each with redundancy across the United States. Cloud Service Networks is a premium grade VoIP provider based on Long Island, 30 minutes from New York City. Our engineers and technician are trained and will configure, install and train at your offices. 

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